OVNi in town

OVNi in Town takes place from November 16th to 25th 2018 across the city of Nice

Program: https://2019.ovni-festival.fr/ovni-en-ville-2018/?lang=en

Total Contest l'idiot festival

From November 16th to 25th, OVNi en Ville’ will offer about thirty video programs through Nice. Being a collaborative project, OVNi is built as a playful invitation system, to which everyone contributes.

At Le 109 and around the Mamac, the “OVNi en Ville” parcours brings together more than twenty art-structures that present exhibitions dedicated to moving images. Institutions, galleries, bookshop, chapel, workshops, design space, private apartments… OVNi proposes to (re)discover places steeped in history and places invited to tell a story, through the medium of video.